With decades of complex legal experience, Mark has a unique perspective to share. His varied roles provide a broad understanding of how disputes get stuck and how to sort through and overcome real or perceived obstacles – both early in the life of a dispute and at later stages. As well, his substantive knowledge of many complex areas – IP, class actions, commercial, antitrust, employment, insurance coverage and other matters – enables him to help everyone best measure risks, rewards, and options.

Mark mediates throughout California and the United States.

Arbitration / Referee Services

Mark also serves as an arbitrator, special master or referee for select business, employment, IP, and other commercial disputes.

There is a better way

Some battles need to be fully waged; many don’t. Still others can and should be pared way down. Mark uses his broad experience to help everyone measure all realistic options as well as the full costs of litigation -- direct and indirect expense, lost opportunities, reputation harm, and disruption. The effort always pays off. Time saved; money saved; sometimes people saved as well.

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